Non Penetrative PV-ezRack SolarRoof

Clenergy’s reliable, robust roof mounting system with high quality components designed for concealed-fix roof claddings (Klip-lok, Longline).

To achieve and maintain improved watertightness of solar installations on Klip-lok type tin roofs, Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarRoof has been expanded with a range of non-penetrative brackets. Rigorous testing on real size roofing sheets ensures safety, compliance and structural integrity of the PV-installations. As a result, the Klip-lok type brackets can be used for installing flush to the roof as well as for tilted systems.

Main Benefits

No roof penetration
Watertightness is easily maintained with the SolarRoof clamps for concealed fix roofs, as there is no need for roof penetration. With Clenergy’s thorough testing methods, this is made possible without any compromises on safety or structural integrity.


The non-penetrative clamps can be used for flush installations as well as for tilting. The two fixing methods for flush mounting include direct mounting (no rails) and bracket plus L-feet (with rails). For tilted systems, the adjustable tilt legs or SolarTripod can be used directly on the compatible non-penetrative clamps.

Quick and easy installation

Innovative and internationally patented, the Z-Module and Click Module technology are used in almost all SolarRoof components. The Z-Module provide and Click Module quick, easy and safe installation method. They can be inserted into the rail at any given point, and secured with just two or three hand grips.

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Showing 1–16 of 24 results